ML and Robotics Engineering for Terraforming

AIM is a stealth-mode startup focused on radically upshifting our civilization’s capabilities to build planetary-scale infrastructure and reverse negative effects of climate change.

We are hiring stellar engineers and product managers with passion for hardware, software, and advanced machine learning. If you find massive robots making a positive impact in the real world tantalizing, get in touch!

AIM has been built by a team of engineers, scientist, and serial entrepreneurs who previously led development of ML systems at Google, Waymo, Google[x], Microsoft and eBay, and are backed by General Catalyst, Human Capital, Elad Gil, Qasar Younis, and DCVC, among other great investors.

A sample of machines we have made autonomous.


We have 3 fulltime roles open with sample responsibilities and qualifications listed below:

  • Generalist SW engineer

    • Develop AIM’s full stack: C++, python, networking

    • Proven experience developing high quality software in massive codebases

    • Ideal candidate will have expertise in physics sim and game development (Unity, Unreal engine)

  • ML engineer

    • Advance AIM’s machine learning pipeline and sensor fusion algorithms

    • Proven experience with deployed ML, reinforcement learning, large scale models (TensorFlow, Torch, GPU/TPU learning)

    • Excellent SW development skills

  • HW engineer

    • Schematic design and PCB layout for custom compute boards, chips, sensors

    • Experience with SW simulation (SPICE, IBIS) and bench-top validation

    • Experience designing automated self-tester systems (HW&SW) for functional test at factory and in-field debug

    • Fundamentals of software development; Microcontroller and CAN bus hacking

    • Proven track record of shipping quality hardware products

    • Bonuses: 3D modeling (CAD), finite element analysis

General Qualifications

  • Ability to think at scale and iterate quickly with the team

  • Excellent quantitative & communication skills

  • Proactive mindset

  • AIM is headquartered in Redmond, WA but remote work is possible for certain roles


  • Top pay, equity, and perks for top performers

  • Growth opportunity with autonomy to innovate in a new untapped field

  • Option to travel around the world to automate mines in Australia, large builds across the US, and many other sites


Reach out with a brief summary of your relevant experience (demos of past projects are encouraged). Looking forward to speaking with you!